India Wealth Gap: Adani Earns ₹1000 Crore, Poorest Earn ₹375 Daily

by GoNews Desk Oct 01, 2021 • 07:01 PM Views 804

The wealth of India’s richest elites has grown exponentially at a time when most of the country is being hit by various financial problems and facing persistent issues such as lost livelihood, incomes, price rise, etc. The IIFI Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2021 shows that the accumulated wealth of India’s richest has grown by 51%, whereas the average wealth of the rich has grown by 25%.

This has occurred concomitantly with the country’s poor, i.e., those earning ₹375 or less daily, have increased in numbers. The billionaires of India, on the other hand, are earning in the zone of  ₹1000 crore per day!