Karnataka Hijab Ban: Hindutva Saffron Banner Hoisted At The Mast For Tricolour

by GoNews Desk Feb 09, 2022 • 06:07 PM Views 1261

Karnataka 'Hijab Ban' In schools: A video emerged today showing a male student of a pre-university college (senior secondary school) replacing the Indian tricolour with the saffron banner on a mast within the campus premises, even as students gathered in large numbers to protest for and against a ban on wearing hijabs, a headscarf religiously worn by Muslim women. The case is also ongoing in the Karnataka High Court. 

Students turned up in large numbers wearing saffron scarves in a bid to assert their own "right" to wear "religious clothing" along with the official uniform. In a related event, a lone Muslim woman student was heckled, chased, and intimidated by a group of male students