Lockdown Protests: People In London Oppose “Vaccine Passports”

by GoNews Desk Nov 04, 2021 • 07:52 PM Views 1274

People are protesting in London, the capitalcity of England and the United Kingdom, over proposals to introduce ‘vaccine passports’ as a Plan B to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic during the winter season.

The coronavirus spreads faster in colder temperatures, and the Boris Johnson government has introduced a measure that would require people to present proof of vaccination or post-infection quarantine to access public, crowded places such as clubs, cinema halls, etc. Under the proposal, guests would be required to show prof of vaccination (single or double dose) or a COVID negative certificate, before access to these premises.

It has bee stiulated in the ruls that if someone does not have a vaccination certificate then they must show proof of completing the quarantine procedure after a positive PCR test.

There have been protests against the ‘vaccine passports’ proposal ever since December 2020, which were also held in May and September.

Friday’s demonstration was part of this sequence of protests. Thousands of people turned up on the streets of London with signs reading “No Vaccine Passports”  and “Medical Freedom”. Outlets like Daily Mail said that there is dissensions related to the enforcement of this policy, not only among the general public but also subject experts. If the spread of the virus slows down then there will not be any need for these restrictions, they say.

The British government has already enforced these conditions on visitors and international travellers and they are being implemented as well. The entertainment, restaurant, and night-time industry bodies in Britain are also opposing the move to introduce ‘vaccine passports’.  

The current protest demonstration has been called by ‘Together Declaration’ an umbrealla body f groups that claim to be against the “authoritarian” and “unnecessary” restrictions imposed by the government in the name of Covid prevention.

Even certain major celebrities seem to be lending their support to this movement.