MP: Dalit Family Drinks Pesticide After Police Tried To Run Bulldozer On Their Crop

by Rahul Gautam Jul 15, 2020 • 07:20 PM Views 1598

Madhya Pradesh local police tried to run a bulldozer on the sowing crop of a Dalit family in Guna, pushing it to the point of death. According to local media reports, the encroached land is shared by Rajkumar and his wife Savitri who live in a hut with their six young children. As soon as the administration team arrived to take action, Rajkumar and Savitri first pleaded, but when the officer did not listen and started running a JCB on their standing crop, Savitri rushed to the hut and drank pesticide, followed by her husband who also consumed the poison. Of the two, the condition of Savitri is critical