Study Exposes Social Media Campaign To Smear Protesting Farmers As Khalistanis!

by GoNews Desk Nov 25, 2021 • 07:44 PM Views 734

A British nonprofit organization has exposed the systematic way in which the farers’ protest was smeared with the “Khalistani” tag, This organization has previously worked in Myanmar on human rights violations and also fake Chinese social media accounts spreading propaganda.

The Centre of Information Resilience (CIR) has analyzed social media accounts spreading false and malicious propaganda against the farmers’ movement. It found that there were hundreds of fake accounts on social media which were involved in smearing the protestors, labelling its Sikh participants as separatists, and the glorification of the Indian Army, along with promoting cultural tensions domestically and abroad through their posts.

The CIR identified 80 such social media accounts which had followers numbering the thousands. The report said that the social media accounts have now been suspended. It said that the accounts were identified using Twitter API, hashtags, and visualized data.