Unlocking Her Potential: Live webinar on “Enabling Her Towards Financial Capability”

by GoNews Desk Mar 22, 2021 • 05:59 PM Views 2135

In a world that is changing exponentially and rapidly, creating an equitable future requires empowering all citizens and providing them with opportunities to reimagine, redesign and fulfill their aspirations.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights identifies literacy as a core component in the pursuit of other human rights. For a diverse democracy such as India, with its constitutional goals of unity, prosperity, and equity, literacy becomes, by itself, a basic human right.  Literacy and self-reliance are of prime importance for women who have, for many generations, been marginalized and left unconscionably behind.

Over seven decades of national development effort, multiple interventions have been explored to elevate the status of women and help transform their lives. Of these, literacy and building capacities leading to self-reliance have delivered the best results. Yet, India is home to 287 million illiterate adults of whom 186 million are women. Unfortunately, the budget allocation for such schemes has always been inadequate and is in recent years being further reduced. Thus, the literacy challenge in India, especially for women, persists and heavily hinders their growth – and, we believe, the social and economic development of the nation.

DA has been implementing TARA Akshar+, an Adult Education programme, for more than a decade now. Enabling once unlettered women to read, write and do simple arithmetic with confidence and ease through a highly effective and affordable programme using highly innovative methods and digital technologies.  The success of the programme is further enhanced by being delivered at the doorstep, within the community, at timings that fit into the daily routines of women in the village.

The purpose of this Knowledge Series of six webinars, being conducted online in collaboration with other partner organisations and GoNews as Media Partner, is to deliberate collectively on contemporary issues related to marginalized women and how they can be brought squarely into participating on their own terms in society and the economy. The series seeks to bring people together from various spheres of life like that from the world of finance, governance, subject experts, and solution providers deliberating on the movement in women’s life and the scope of its further consolidation.