Bruce Lee: The Actor Who Made Martial Arts Popular Across The World

by GoNews Desk May 20, 2022 • 02:48 PM Views 15479

In the world of martial arts, Bruce Lee is probably the most recognized popular culture names. Although he lived a short life, he had a major impact on martial arts entertainment and starred in hit, cult classic kung-fu films like Enter the Dragon (1973), Game of Death (1978), Fists of Fury (1978), and more. The Ip Man film series also featured a tribute to Bruce Lee in the final movie Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019) which focuses on the art of Wing Chun taught by Bruce Lee’s teacher Ip Man. Bruce Lee was one of the founding artists of the kung-fu movie industry based in Hong Kong.

He continues to be a character in many films celebrating his life and legacy after his death. Many say that he is the one who also laid the groundwork for today’s Mixed martial Arts (MMA) and is one of China’s most recognized actors who led the way for successors as Jackie Chan.