Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal On Plans To Tackle Omicron Variant Of COVID

by GoNews Desk Nov 30, 2021 • 05:36 PM Views 211

Arvind Kejriwal said in a video addresss today that it is should be the initiative of a responsible government to make all preparations to face the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, which has not yet been reported in India. He said that he has conducted a meeting with Delhi government hospital “and taken stock of the preparation” for any eventualities, such as how many beds are available and needed, testing capacity, oxygen, and vaccination status, and manpower, etc.

“During the previous Coronavirus infections period, we had scaled up around 25,000 beds. This time, we have readied 30,000 oxygen beds, of which approximately 10,000 are ICU beds, and 6,800 ICU beds are under construction.”

“In every municipal ward, we will be able to prepare 100 oxygen beds on a short notice of 2 weeks. Therefore, in 270 wards there will be 27,000 oxygen beds which we can deliver on a short notice”.

He also deatailed other measures being taken to combat the omicron strain of the coronavirus should the need arise. “I sincerely hope that the omicron virus and the third wave does not come again… but if it doesn, we are prepared for it and you do not have to worry”, said Kejriwal.