Delhi Deluge: Orange Alert For Capital By MET, IGI T3 Flooded

by GoNews Desk Sep 11, 2021 • 02:03 PM Views 955

Heavy rains lashed the national capital today morning, breaking a 11-year record with 100 mm rain recorded by the MET, which has also announced an "Orange Alert" for the capital city. Traffic and daily movement suffered even as the mercury dropped and brought relief from the summer. Momnsoons have been getting increasingly erratic yet intense, leading to retpeated downpurs such as the one we are witnessing at present. 

The Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, consideredone fot he best and busiest in the world, was completely flooded to ankle-level. Vido vosuals have shown how the entry bay to the airport is completely submerged by waterlogging. Even inside the airport, the same levels of standng water can be seen. Another video shows traffic movng among slushing water on the roads.