Did You Know Only 10% Indians Have 57% National Income

by M. Nuruddin Edited by Arjun BanerjeeDec 14, 2021 • 04:44 PM Views 717

India is a very poor and unequal country. This can be estimated form thew fact that 10% people in the country control over 57% of the total national income. Of these, the top 1% own 22% of national wealth.

The average income for the adult population of India is ₹2,04,200, whereas 50% of the total population earns ₹53,610 annually on average. You can understand the state of inequality in India by observing that 10% of the total 139 crore population of India has an average income of ₹11,56,520 which is greater than the average income of 50%, i.e., 7 crore people by ₹1,112,910

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