Julian Assange To Be Extradited To US: Move Raises Questions On Human Rights

by GoNews Desk Dec 15, 2021 • 05:31 PM Views 640

The case of Julian Assange, an Australian journalist, former hacker, and founder of WikiLeaks, took a dramatic turn on Saturday on International #HumanRights Day when the High Court in UK ruled that he could be extradited to US following the latter's assurances that he will not be kept under conditions of isolation subject to his conduct. Assange has been on the run from the US government fo over 10 years, including a 7 year stint in the embassy of Ecuador which lasted from 2012-19. 

Press freedom advocates say that Assange is being witch-hunted because the thousands of documents and footage reeased by his websit WikiLeaks embarassed the US government's operations and interventions abroad and revealed human rights abuses, while his opponents and the US government say that he has accessed  leaked sensitive information in an unauthorised manner and therefore must be tried for espionage.