LIVE | UP CM Yogi Adityanath Shajahanpur UP: Launch Of 101 Cr Schemes Worth ₹226 Cr

by GoNews Desk Nov 09, 2021 • 05:02 PM Views 402

During the speech he said that now "festivals can be celebrated without restrictions" and brought up the previous government's unwillingness to allow 'peaceful' celebrations in the pat. He said that there have been no 'terrorist acts' or 'riots' in these 4.5 years of his rule, and people do not need to fear going to Ayodhya any more either. He told the asembled audience that while earlier governments had tiptoed around 'eney nations' for fear of upsetting them, the "new India" under PM Narendra Modi's leadership would take the eyeballs in its hands of those countries who "showed eyes" to it.