RECAP | Who Was The 'Supermom' Tigress And What Makes Her Special?

by GoNews Desk Jan 19, 2022 • 11:29 AM Views 692

Bidding Adieu To ‘Supermom’ Tigress Who Gave Birth To 29 Cubs: 'Collarwaali' of Pench National Tiger Reserve 

Among  India’s National Symbols, The Tiger Is Special To The Country And Attempts At Conservation Were Ramped Up In The 1970’s And Showed Results As Well .One Of The Most Memorable Feline Of This Journey Has Been ‘Supermom’, The Tigress Who Gave Birth To 29 Cubs During A 16-Year Old Life.
She Lived And Died In Pench Tiger Reserve On The Southern Slopes of Satpura Range In Madhya Pradesh. She Was The First Tiger To Be Radio Collared In 2008 At The Reserve And Was Nicknamed “Collarwaali” Because Of That. 

Park Chief Ashok Kumar Mishra Says She Was Rare Because She Birthed 29 Cubs, And Raised 25 As Well. She Was Given An Emotional Farewell With Due Honours.  Social Media Reacted With Sadness At Her Passing. Her Life Story highlights The Beauty Of Tigers, The Majestic Felines And The Need To Co-Exist With Wildlife And Nature.