UK Media Reacts Sharply To Cancelled India vs. England Test At Old Trafford

by GoNews Desk Sep 11, 2021 • 02:46 PM Views 848

The media coverage in the U.K. about India’s decision not to continue the test series against England has evinced strong reactions in the British press. Here we cover the reactions of the most widely circulated British daily to get a window into how the cancellation of the match is being perceived in the hosts’ countries.

The ECB has announced that the rescheduled match will be standalone, but the news of the cancellation has been disappointing to fans and players in England. England’s ex-skipper Michael Vaughan said that “India have let English cricket down!!” on Twitter. Media highlighted that the match was sold out, leading to losses not just for fans but for Lancanshire and ECB. The Guardian also pointed out that there has been no comment from Indian players or staff regarding the decision and its fallout.