Looking Back At 2020: Only Science Can Save Mankind

by Ritu Versha Dec 29, 2020 • 01:13 PM Views 1800

On the 1st of January 2020, the papers were full of stories about tensions between the #US and #Iran, bushfires in #Australia, and a businessman being smuggled out of #Japan in a guitar case. In #Britain, the conservatives were revelling in their majority and talking about getting Brexit done. Though it was also the day that the #WorldHealthOrganisation broke the news of the Novel coronavirus in #Wuhan, China. A disease that was going to dramatically change our lives as it swept like a tsunami throughout the world, killing almost 2 million people and bringing the economies to the knees. The doors of the shrines were closed and it seemed as if God had gone on leave. However, even in these difficult times, the labs did not stop working. Science kept trying to find ways to save mankind.

So when the whole world rings in #NewYear with hope, let's take a look at some major news from the world of #science this year.