GoNews is India’s first of its kind App-based television news channel. Founded by Mr.Pankaj Pachauri, It delivers personalized news to viewers on their smart phones and smart TVs at a time of their choosing. For the first time, viewers are also free to choose the news according to their interest and preferences along with the volume of stories they want to watch.

GoNews stories are citizen-centric and not consumer-centric. They are credible, co-creative and concise. The channel is collaborating with content generators in rural India to offer news and stories which often go unreported or which are not available at other commercial news avenues. The narratives are specific, crisp and compelling.

GoNews covers a wide variety of Indian and global subjects in the news: from politics to public policy; from agriculture to the arts; from technology to travel; from environment to entertainment; from economy to enrichment of life. Most GoNews reports are not more than 90 seconds long. Yet, they are sharp and comprehensive. GoNews is facts and data driven instead of opinion-based.

In addition, GoNews provides live-streaming of important news events from its studio and from the field, depending on the importance of the event. In doing so, GoNews is rewriting the grammar of television news and forging a new idiom for the world of digital news story telling, accessible round the clock.

GoNews is founded and led by veteran journalist Pankaj Pachauri who has a wide experience of working with some of the top international and Indian broadcasters over three decades. He has also worked as an adviser to the office of the Prime Minister of India. He has a team of senior and seasoned journalists at GoNews, drawn from the field of broadcasting, management and academia.

Committed to the highest standards and ethics of broadcasting, GoNews is the first digital news platform in the country to become a member of News Broadcasters Association (NBA) and adhere to the NBA’s self-regulatory mechanism.

GoNews is the first digital offering of Cloudburst Mediaworks Private Limited, Delhi. The GoNews App is available on Apple’s App Store as well as Google Play Store as GoNews 24x7, besides its website, www.gonewsindia.com.

The GoNews App has been downloaded, and is now playing, on over 150,000 Android and iOS smartphones. The website, www.gonewsindia.com, is up and running since December 2017 and receiving very good traction.

Besides the App and the website, GoNews is active round the clock on various social media platforms and engaging with its viewers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn.

GoNews has kept away from the noise in the news and tried to interpret and analyze definite data to enable, empower and enthrall the citizen. The GoNews team achieves this objective because of its commitment to quality over quantity.

GoNews is now focused on expanding its subject coverage through content and strategic collaborations. It also plans to add daily and weekly shows, besides at least one more language to its primarily Hindi coverage. It is working on technology so it can be available on smart TVs directly through smart phones.