Urgent Need To Restore TB Services Amid All Focus On COVID-19: Expert

by Anjali Ojha Aug 01, 2020 • 04:13 PM Views 105


There is an urgent need to restore Tuberculosis (TB) services as due to the coronavirus pandemic all the focus has been shifted to just one disease, says Dr. Narges Mistry, Director, Foundation for Medical Research. GoNews correspondent Anjali Ojha spoke to Dr. Mistry on TB notifications coming down significantly in 2020 compared to last year and the urgency to restore TB services. Experts have warned that the disruption of healthcare services due to lockdown may increase TB cases. Dr. Mistry says instead of chasing just one disease- COVID - a comprehensive approach is needed to manage more than one disease at a time and adds that testing for TB and COVID-19 together can be a major solution