Karl Marx: 204th Birth Anniversary | Philosopher Whose Ideas Changed The World

by GoNews Desk Jul 13, 2022 • 10:23 AM Views 11378

Karl Marx was born 204 years ago today (1818-1883) is perhaps the world's most known revolutionary philosopher who analyzed and criticized the functioning of industrial capitalism, and advocated for a revolution by the exploited workers against the ruling class, cutting across national boundaries. His work in economics, political science, philosophy has been highly influential and controversial throughout the world. He also worked as a journalist and historian. His main works are the Communist Manifesto (1848) and Capital (1867).

He advcated for an organization of society known as communism, which will follow a stage called "socialism" wherein the means of production will be in the hands  of society and not individual capitalists or corporate entities. His ideas of socialism were and are the official guiding ideology of governments in the former U.S.S.R and in modern People's Republic of China, DPRK (North Korea), Cuba, and Laos