The Most Important US Election. Ever.

by GoNews Desk Nov 03, 2020 • 01:38 PM Views 518

The 2020 US Presidential Election is being seen as the most important election ever, in which about 250 million potential voters will decide the fortunes of incumbent US President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden in a dead-heated electoral battle. Biden is favoured to win but there’s still a path for Trump with a 10% chance of winning. But that’s not all, as it is highly likely that the result will end up in Court. GoNews’ Editor-in-chief Pankaj Pachauri gives an overview.

In a record turnout, Americans have already cast their ballots ahead of the November 3 Election due to fears of the Coronavirus pandemic or to make their votes count. Biden's winning share is 51.8% while Trump increased his chances of winning to 43.1%, a gap of about 8%.

According to, Biden has 89 out of 100 chances of winning while Trump has a 10% chance of winning. Remaining 1% suggests a tie between the rivals, a situation in which the result will be decided legally by the Supreme Court.

In the results of the last presidential election, Donald Trump received 306 electoral votes out of 538 while Hillary Clinton got 232 votes. In terms of total votes, Hillary received 48.9% votes while Trump received 45.2% votes. In this way, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by getting more popular votes.