Covid Death Count Increases In India, Many Could Be Undercounted

by GoNews Desk Oct 30, 2021 • 06:02 PM Views 1145

India is seeing a consistent increase in Covid deaths over the past week. On Friday, there were 14,348 cases whereas on a day before there were 16,156 infected patients. There has been a notable increase in death count over these two days. According to the statistics by the Union Ministry of Health on Friday, there were 805 deaths whereas in those released on Thursday, there were 733 deaths. If we see the period between 22-28th October, there were more than 400 deaths nationwide on a daily basis, while the weekly average was 593.

Before this, the weekly average at this rate was recorded at the end of July. The weekly average of Covid mortality on 31st July was 620, whereas the last time that the country registered more than 800 cases of coronavirus was 24th July. This was the time when the second wave of infections was subsiding after its peak.

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