Glitch During PM’s Virtual Address At WEF 2022, What Happened

by GoNews Desk Jan 19, 2022 • 07:44 PM Views 1431

There was a sound glitch during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s virtually address to the World Economic Forum due to which his speech was interrupted and had to begin again, albeit in a shortened version. The Prime Minister appeared flustered to many viewers online who assumed that the teleprompter had stopped working and therefore he could not speak impromptu.

Even as netizens took digs at the PM, it was later confirmed by the WEF that the issue was caused by a technical issue with the sound. The social media criticism was perhaped prompted by the confused look on the Prime Minister’s face just as he was about to elaborate on “the talent of Indians”.

UN Sec-General Antonio Guetrres Says Global Solidarity Missing

Speaking at the World Economic Forum summit virtually, the secretary-gneral of the United Nations said that the global financial system is failing the developing countries of the world, and that there is a “lopsided” recovery of the world from the effects of the pandemic.

He pointed to the persistent inequalities of recovery from the economic crises induced by the pandemic. High income countries have seven times the vaccination ratef African countries, a fact he termed “shameful”.

He also said that the global financial system has failed developing countries “when they needed it the most” and pointed to a number of crises that is hitting multiple low and middle-income countries, from shrinking fiscal space, inflation, soaring energy prices, and more.

“We need to reform the global financial system, so it works for all countries” Gueterres said at the summit. Read the full story at the United Nations website here