Human Rights Day 2021: A Look At India's Track Record

by GoNews Desk Dec 10, 2021 • 05:57 PM Views 1085

A look at India's Human Rights record on the Interntional Human Rights Day 2021 

  • PM Modi recently stated that he was “happy to have participated” in the Summit for Democracy which was a closed door virtual meeting including 80 Countries
  • Modi Said: “As the world's largest democracy, India stands ready to work with our partners to strengthen democratic values globally, including in multilateral fora”
  • However, India’s Own Track Record Of Human Rights And Democracy Seems Dismal
  • Non Profit org Civicus Recently Added India To The List Of “Repressed Countries”
    • Civicus Noted That UAPA Was Being Used To Silence And Detain Critics And Dissidents, Law Used To “In pre-trial detention on baseless charges and deny them bail”
    • Yesterday, Sudha Bharadwaj Walked Out Of Bycula Jail With The NIA Trying To Cancel Her Bail.
    • Many Of The 15 Others Arrested In Bhima Koregaon Case Are Incarcerated Without Trial For Over A Year
    • In 7 Years, Out Of 10,552 Arrested, Only 253 Convicted Under UAPA
    • Father Stan Swamy, tribal rights activist, was above 80 Suffering From Parkinsons: Died In Jail As Undertrial
  •  UN Had Expressed Concern Over Arrest Of Khurram Pervez And Other Kashmiri Activists, Sounding Alarm For Risk Of Torture. India Denied And Rejected Human Rights Abuses Claims In UN
  • India Fast Slipping In Press Freedom Index, Currently Ranks 142/180 Countries According To Reporters Without Borders
  • India One Of The Hungriest, Most Inequal Countries In The World. Recent Inequality Report Stated That The Top 10% Hold 57% of National Income. Global Hunger Index Ranking Slipped From 94  To 101 Between 2020-21