40 percent players in the Indian Olympic squad are from Haryana and Punjab. What is the participation from each state?

by GoNews Desk Jul 24, 2021 • 04:19 PM Views 1851

Punjab and Haryana, which together account for just 4.4 per cent of India's population, have 40 per cent of the Indian athletes to the Olympic Games in Japan. Punjab and Haryana have only 4.4 per cent of India's population, but 50 athletes have gone to the Olympics from these two states. Out of this, 31 players have come from Haryana to represent India in the Olympics. This is about 25% of the 127 players participating in the Olympics while 19 players from Punjab will participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

Apart from this, 11 players from Tamil Nadu have gone to Tokyo. This is 8.7 percent of the total players. UP, which accounts for 17 percent of the population and Kerala with 2.6 percent, has 6.3 percent i.e. 8-8 players going to the Tokyo Olympics. Apart from this, 6.3 percent players from the North-East also make it to the Olympics, that is, 8 players will represent India in Tokyo. Out of these, 5 players are from Manipur alone.

Maharashtra and Delhi, which contribute 9.1 and 1.4 per cent respectively to the country's population, account for 4.7 and 4 per cent of the players. There are 6 and 5 players in the Olympic squad from both the states respectively.