George Bush Became President Last Time When Top Court Got Involved In US Elections

by Rahul Gautam Nov 04, 2020 • 05:08 PM Views 875

Amid voting, Trump accused the Biden campaign of ‘stealing the victory’ for Democrats and said he would knock on the door of the country’s highest court against the ‘fraud’. In the history of the US, even before, candidates and parties have turned to the Supreme Court over the results of the presidential elections. Earlier in the year 2000, the case of counting of votes in the state of Florida went to the Supreme Court. The court dismissed re-election, declaring Bush victorious in the state with 534 votes, giving him 25 additional Electoral votes. With these crucial 25 votes, Bush became the 43rd President of the United States. Thus, this time the road to the White House is not easy for both Trump or Biden