'Act Of Economic Crime': Congress' Gorav Vallabh On Petrol-Diesel Prices

by GoNews Desk Jan 05, 2022 • 06:50 PM Views 988

Gorav Vallabh, Congress spokesperson, said that the government's act of not reducing petrol and diesel prices as per the fall in global prices of crude oil is an "act of economic crime" and "indirect loot" since the profits accrue to government's oil companies and the dividend goes to the government itself He said that this policy is because the government has no other sources of revenues and has harmed the economy and the GDP of the country, because of which there is no productivity.

Criticising the price inflation across all essential items, he said that Indians are not benefitting from crude oil price fall. Vallabh said that Major government oil companies are posting record profits for the 2021, and the government is worried that if the crude oil price fall benefits citizens then their source of income will dry up, he alleged.

He also said that as per the party's "research", if the domestc fuel prices were aligned with crude oil prices internationally, then petrol prices should have been slashed by