LIVE | Priyanka Gandhi's "Pratigya Rally" In Mahoba, UP | Congress | 27 November

by GoNews Desk Nov 27, 2021 • 05:18 PM Views 1190

Priyanka Gandhi is addressing a public rally in Mahoba, Utar PRadesh, which was also addressed by the PM and UP Cm Yogi Adityanath as it seen as a hotbed of UP politics.

Gandhi said that farmers are suffering in the entire Bundelkhand region due to debt and lack of fertilizer among other issues. She said that 1500 farmers had committed suicide in Bundelkhand region alone.

She said of her visit to Lalitpur, she said that she felt very sad for the people of Bundelkhand after she visited the homes of the farmers who had died while standing in line waiting to obtain fertilizer.

There was no water for irrigation, but the sudden rains made them happy and the farmers wanted to plant the cop using fertilizers which they could not get from the fertilizer distribution centre. He stood for days in line without adequate food or water and ultimately died.

There were two other farmers who committed suicide because the fertilizer stocks ran out before they could get them, meaning that they could not plant any crop to repay their debts of ₹ 3-5 lakhs.

Similarly, farmers are not able to sell their harvest of peas, chickpeas, and wheat at the right prices, and the shortage of irrigation water. There is also the problem of stray animals that was solved in Chaisgarh as said by CM Bhupesh Bhagel, and that was possible because of the “right intentions” of the [Congress] government.

Raises Employment, Migration, Price Rises, Lockdown Conditions

Priyanka Gandhi said that everyone known how much the prices of petrol and diesel are rising, and that the Bundelkhand region is facing an acute migration crisis since there is no employment here. She said everyone had seen how the “brothers and sisters of Bundelkhand” had to return home during the corona lockdown.

Gandhi said that when the Congress had offered to send buses for those who were stranded and had to walk miles without assistance from the government, the government refused, and now they fill buses to show that there is a big crowd in their (BJP’s) public meetings.

“But when you needed it, when your bothers,sisters, and sons.. were returning on foot from cities because the lockdown was imposed hastily, then where was this government?”