Congress Press Conference | Anand Sharma | "Govt Excludes Opposition, Ignores Consultation" | Constitution Day

by GoNews Desk Nov 26, 2021 • 01:35 PM Views 889

The Congress and 14 other opposition parties are boycotting the Consitution Day celebrations being organized by the government today.

Anand Sharma said that the government has repeatedly excluded the Opposition despite the Constitution being clear that opposition is essential. The opposition leaders do not accept a mere formal invitation to sit in the Constitution Day celebrations, he stated.

The government should make clear as to how the country is being run, and it leaves no effort to suppress the voice of the opposition. Important laws are passed in Parliament as “ordinances” without due consultation. Until there is a situation which calls for ordinances to be passed before Parliament is in session, it should not be done, Sharma said. This is the reason that the country is facing many difficulties because the way the laws were made created tensions and conflicts in society.

In context of the three contentious farming laws which were passed in roughshod manner according to Sharma, he said that “we had advised the government that do not be hasty” and that “there is a due process for making laws” which includes various parliamentary committees and Standing Committees which properly examine bills and a consensus is created by reaching out to those sections of citizens which the law affects.

“This government has ignored such a process, and this is the reason that there was a year-long movement in India in which 700 farmers were martyred”.