Amritsar Gurudwara Using Organic Vegetables For Langar

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Amritsar Gurudwara Using Organic Vegetables For La
Organic vegetables are being grown on the land belonging to Amritsar’s Gurudwara Satlani Sahib and these vegetables are being used in the ‘langar’ (free communal kitchen) at the Darbar Sahib, so that people’s health is not adversely impacted and larger numbers of people opt for organic farming.

Dr Roop Singh is Secretary of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC, the main organisation of the Sikhs) and for the past few years, he has been using only organic vegetables in the ‘langar’, so that the health of people coming here is not affected adversely.

Organic vegetables are being cultivated on land belonging to Gurudwara Satlani Sahib near the Atari border and they are used for ‘langar’ at the Darbar Sahib.

According to Dr Singh, people’s health could suffer if they are not provided nutritious food in the ‘langar’. “Around 1 lakh people arrive here daily to eat ‘langar’ and it is essential for us that they remain in good health,” he said. He also said that farmers use pesticides and harmful chemicals during farming for maximum yield, which makes foodgrains poisonous and also affects soil, water and air.

Dr Singh said that in view of this, organic farming was started in around 12 acres of land and now, 23 acres of land is being used for natural farming, with all types of crops being cultivated. 

Meanwhile, people arriving for ‘langar’ say that these days, farmers use a lot of chemicals in crops to achieve maximum yield, which is harmful for health. “But eating ‘langar’ made from organic vegetables at the gurudwara is a unique experience, which is not only good for health but also tastes very good. This is a great initiative by the gurudwara and organic vegetables should be used in ‘langar’ in other places too,” they said.

Evidently, foodstuff is becoming poisonous due to the uncontrolled use of pesticides and chemicals in farming. In view of this, the SGPC’s initiative of starting organic farming in gurudwaras and then, using those vegetables in ‘langar’ is praiseworthy.

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