IPL Viewership Decreases By 33% In 1st Week, BCCI At Disadvantage In Media Rights Auction

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IPL Viewership Decreases By 33% In 1st Week, BCCI
The BCCI and the IPL 2022 have suffered a blow in terms of ratings. The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2022) had a huge 33% percent dip in TV ratings (TVR) in the first week, contrary to forecasts. The drop in ratings is being interpreted as a major blow for the BCCI ahead of the upcoming IPL Media Rights Auction. In the first week of the IPL, the ratings are always extremely high. However, for the first time, Ratings have plummeted in the first week.

According to BARC Data:

The TVR for the first eight matches of the IPL 2022 was 2.52. In comparison, the TVR for the first week of the IPL 2021 season was 3.75. This plainly indicates that the first week's ratings had dropped by 33%. For the first week of the IPL 2020, the ratings were 3.85 TVR. Not only have the ratings plummeted, but so has the overall reach for the first week.

The opening weekend viewership has plummeted nearly 14% to 229.06 million. Meanwhile, last year's opening week reach was 267.7. On another front, the first week of IPL 2022 was a flop. The IPL Broadcaster is usually at the top of the BARC Charts during the first week of the tournament. Star Sports 1 Hindi has remained at No. 3 on the chart, indicating that the IPL's enchantment has worn off in the first week.

Even before Covid, in 2019, the overall attainment was 268 million, with 3.85 TVR ratings. BARC describes viewership as the total number of persons who watched the game for at least one minute, but TVR also considers the amount of time spent by a viewer.

For example, a 2.5 percent TVR indicates that either 2.5% of your total viewers saw 100% of the event, or 100% of the audience saw 2.5% of the event. Only two matches this season are expected to attract more than 100 million viewers each. In comparison, four matches were played in the first week of the current season, and seven out of eight matches were played in the first week of the 2019 season.

IPL Media Rights Tender:

On June 12th, the battle for the IPL Media Rights for the years 2023-2027 will begin. The ratings will undoubtedly be closely studied by the bidders, but they are unlikely to have a significant impact on the rights values for the time being.

Meanwhile, the tender documents have been purchased by five significant players, according to current information. Within the first week of the BCCI releasing the tender paperwork, Disney Star, TV18-Viacom (Sports-18), Amazon, Zee, and Sony had already purchased them.

The names of all the companies that had purchased tenders were already being circulated. According to BCCI sources, another major tech corporation is in talks with the BCCI and is expected to purchase the Tender document this week. The ITT will be available for purchase till May 10th. Following then, the potential buyer will have four weeks to seek clarifications. The E-Auction is most likely to take place on June 12th.

IPL Media Rights Tender Base Price:

The BCCI said last week that the ITT would be sold for Rs 25 lakh. Four separate buckets of rights will be sold. Each bidder will have to place a separate offer for each bundle. The most recent cycle of rights was sold for 16,347.5. This time, the BCCI has increased the starting price to 33,000 crore.

"Everyone understands that the value of IPL has soared in the last five years. To discover the true worth of the rights, we've divided them into four bundles. There will be no composite bids. Bidders must submit separate bids for each bundle. "Each package will have a base price," said a key BCCI source involved in the Tender process.

1. Bundle A - Indian Subcontinent Broadcast: The starting price for a match in this division is Rs 49 crore. The overall base fee for the 74 Games would be Rs 18,130 crore over five years.

2. Bundle B – Indian Subcontinent Digital Rights: The base fee for this package is Rs 33 crore per game. The total cost over five years is Rs 12,210 crore.

3. Bundle C (DIGITAL)- Non-exclusive package: Bundle C, which contains 18 games and has a price point of Rs 16 crore each game, is where the much-debated special package can be found. The price of this bundle is Rs 1440 crore, based on 74 games per season and a five-year calculation. Opening Match, 4 Playoff Matches, and 13 Evening Double Header Matches are among the 18 games included in this bundle.

4. Bundle D: Rights of the Rest of the World (Outside Sub-Continent): This package costs Rs 3 crore each game as a starting point. For a period of five years, the reserve price is worth Rs 1110. crore.

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