COVID-19: India Crosses 6 Lakh Mark With Over 19,000 Cases, Death Toll Near 18,000 

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COVID-19: India Crosses 6 Lakh Mark With Over 19,0

The number of coronavirus patients in the country has crossed the six lakh mark. The latest data from the Ministry of Health shows that 19,148 new cases were found in the last 24 hours and 434 people died due to which the total number of positive cases has reached 6,04,641. At the same time, the death toll has increased to 17,834 and the number of active patients has increased to 2,26,947.

After the new data came out, there is a gap of just 50,000 patients between India and Russia. It is feared that this week the number of COVID-19 patients in India will be more than Russia and it will become the third most-affected country in the world. The number of approximately 20,000 new patients every day suggests that there has been some shortfall in the measures taken to prevent the virus, due to which the infection spread has not stopped yet.

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