Spike In COVID-19 Cases In India

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Spike In COVID-19 Cases In India
Coronavirus cases are on the rise in the country with two patients succumbing to the infection. The global death toll has crossed the 6,500 figure with Italy and Spain being the most affected nations. The deadly virus has spread to 157 nations across the world.

The number of patients has increased to 112 in the country, of which 13 patients have fully recovered. 

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The highest number of cases has come to light in Maharashtra — 32. All state governments, along with the central government, are on alert, given the coronavirus. 

Due to the growing risk of the spread of the coronavirus, while malls and cinema halls have been shut in 11 districts of Uttar Pradesh till March 31, all kinds of shooting has been halted in Mumbai from March 19 to 31.

Meanwhile, 53 Indians stuck in Iran were airlifted back to India on Monday morning. Among them are 52 students and one teacher. This is the fourth batch of passengers returning to India from Iran. The government of India has airlifted a total of 389 Indian citizens from Iran so far.

Earlier, on Sunday, heads of SAARC nations participated in a video conference on an initiative taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi against the coronavirus. As part of this, Modi proposed the setting up of a $10 million emergency fund by SAARC nations to deal with the coronavirus crisis; India will contribute $1 crore to this fund.

The bedlam caused by the coronavirus has spread to 157 nations worldwide and more than 6,500 people have succumbed to this disease so far. 

The condition in Italy and Spain has worsened terribly due to the coronavirus, with more than 368 people dying from this viral disease in Italy in one day.

Amid this, the Queen of Britain has left her palace. 

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Pope Francis stepped out from the Vatican onto the empty streets of Rome and prayed for an early end to the coronavirus epidemic.

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