Kuwait Deliberating On Sending Back 50% Migrant Workforce, Indian Diaspora Worried

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Kuwait Deliberating On Sending Back 50% Migrant Wo

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, jobs are shrinking around the world. Now Kuwait, a rich country with a population of 48 lakhs, has announced that it will reduce the capacity of migrant workers by 50 percent. It is being said that the Kuwaiti government will soon take this step due to rising oil prices and the severe recession caused by the coronavirus. This decision of the Kuwait government is a big blow for lakhs of Indians who are working there.

According to government news agency KUNA, Kuwait Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah said that there are about 34 lakh migrant workers in Kuwait which has a population of 48 lakh and they have to take into account the future circumstances. In such a situation, Kuwait will have to reduce the number of migrant workers. Apart from this, Kuwait MPs are already demanding that all 1 lakh government jobs in Kuwait should be given to the citizens of Kuwait. 

This decision is going to have the biggest impact on India because 10 lakh 29 thousand 861 Indians are living in Kuwait. Such a large number of migrant workers are not present in Kuwait from any another country.

After this decision comes into effect, when the migrant workers return from Kuwait, the income that India receives every year will fall. Other Gulf countries are also dependent on oil like Kuwait and there is a lot of fear that they may also follow the path of Kuwait.

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