Trump, Biden Clash Fiercely In Final Debate Of US Presidential Election

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Trump, Biden Clash Fiercely In Final Debate Of US
The last debate for the US presidential race concluded on Friday morning. The incumbent president, Donald Trump, who was trying his best for a second term, sharply raised questions on Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, while Biden cornered Trump on the issues of Coronavirus, China, Russia and Iran. Voting will be held for this election on November 3.

The COVID-19 situation is worse in the US. Nearly 2,22,000 people have died while over 8.4 million people have been infected. Of course, the Opposition is making it an issue. Biden said that the Trump administration proved to be a complete failure in dealing with the COVID-19.

At the same time, Trump argued that the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing to an end. He himself was in the grip of the virus but later recovered. Soon the US will have the COVID-19 vaccine and the army will pass it on to the people, Trump said, adding that ‘we will have to live with the virus’. Around 99% of infected people get cured.

But Biden alleged that Trump was running away from his responsibility. People aged 19 years are also dying from this disease. Two lakh more deaths may occur by the end of this year but the President has no comprehensive plan. He pointed to President Trump's neglect to wear masks and said that everyone should be encouraged to wear masks, testing should be fast and a national policy should be set to open schools and businesses.

Biden said that the world’s leading medical journal has expressed disapproval to President Trump's response to Coronavirus.

The debate also sought a response regarding China's responsibility for Coronavirus. Biden said that he will follow the international rules, while Trump said that China will have to suffer. Trump also said that the tax on steel imported from China has saved the American steel industry, which Biden called ‘nonsense’.

Joe Biden also questioned Trump's attitude towards the leaders of North Korea, China and Russia in the debate. He said that the leaders of these countries are thugs whom Trump embraces. Trump's relationship with Russian President Putin is unusually close, which is troublesome. Biden also said that the US military should have an important role in Afghanistan and that if they win, it is possible that they will be able to stay longer than Trump.

Biden also said that the US military has an important role in Afghanistan and that if he wins, his government is likely to keep the US forces stationed there longer. He alleged that Russia does not want him to win the election. Iran and China along with Russia are also trying to interfere in the US presidential election. If he wins elections, they will teach a lesson to the conspirators, Biden said.

Trump, however, denied all these allegations, saying that there is hardly any other president with a strong stance against Russia as him.

Biden also raised the question of the New York Times revelation that Trump has been reported to have business, tax and bank accounts in China. He said that trumps pay very little tax in America. Trump reacted by saying that he is a trader and does business all over the world. His company had a 2015 account with a bank in China. He said that he has paid millions of dollars in advance tax but people only talk about $750 (which he paid in 2016 and 2017.)

During the debate, Trump also called India’s air ‘filthy’. He said that the US emits least carbon emissions, while India, China and Russia have reduced the fight against climate change by adding to the global air pollution. But Biden maintains that Trump has been taking lightly the issue of climate Change while posing a threat to humanity, whereas he has a complete plan to focus on renewable energy.

Moreover, the public health system was also debated between the two candidates. Biden said Trump did not implement the Obamacare health bill but could not bring a better plan than that. He will spend $70 billion on health care in the next ten years. At the same time, Trump claimed that he will come up with a better bill whose premium will be less than Obama care and medicines will also be cheaper.

The debate was moderated by NBC News journalist Kristine Welker.

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