US President Joe Biden Faces Scrutiny For Spate Of Executive Orders

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US President Joe Biden Faces Scrutiny For Spate Of
By M.R. Dua, Illinois, USA 

In less than 10 days in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden Jr, has lost no time in getting ahead proactively and has signed more than three dozen Executive Orders at a meteoric speed.

The latest executive order signed on Friday is aimed at restoring the ‘Affordable Care Act’ and restoring ‘Medicaid’, ‘to the way it was before Trump became president, which by fiat he changed, made more inaccessible, more expensive and more difficult for people to qualify for either of those two items.’ President Biden said in his brief remarks in the Oval office.

So far, Biden has signed orders to re-join the Paris climate change accord, ended the Muslim travel ban which had barred entry of Muslims from some African nations, cancelled the permit for the disputed Keystone XL pipeline, rescinded funding for halting construction of a wall to check illegal immigrants' path to the US from the southern border with Mexico, reaffirmed the 'Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)' —  a programme which protects those who came in as undocumented children into the United States.

Executive orders have also been enacted to mandate mask-wearing on the American Official buildings and grounds, moving to end the national reliance on privately-managed prisons, reversed the ban on transgender military service and called for setting a state body, and organize an agency for advancing racial equity. The process is in action, and more aggressive action is in progress to undo the Trump administration's ill-planned and many other misdirected measures.

The affected and even the general public have widely hailed these steps. Many Democrats are anxiously waiting for enhanced action extended areas to be covered. While many Republicans deem these to be acts of revenge with several Republicans leaders openly critical over the spate of executive orders issued by the President. Interestingly, Biden's predecessor Donald Trump had signed 220 executive orders during his term in office.

Reacting to questions about the fiat’s, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters: “He(Biden) didn’t think that executive actions should be used for everything and that’s his point of view. But there are steps including overturning some of the harmful, detrimental, and yes immoral actions of the prior administration that he felt he could not wait to overturn and that’s what he did. Any historians will tell you that he walked into the Presidency at the most difficult moment of history that required additional executive actions so to take gate immediate relief to Americans".

The Biden administration is in fact hoping to get a 1.9 trillion dollar ‘Covid relief package’ cleared through Congress something that Psaki pointed out several times during her interaction with the Press on Thursday. Some Republican leaders have already labelled it as ‘too expensive’ and have asked for abandoning it or breaking up the mega package into smaller policy interventions. Getting the package through Congress will be the first major test for the Democrat floor managers and the White house.

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