Congress Will Pay Migrants' Train Fares, Says Sonia Gandhi

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Congress Will Pay Migrants' Train Fares, Says Soni
Congress President Sonia Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the Central Government for charging lakhs of migrant labourers stuck across the country train fares for them to reach home.

“The Congress Party has decided that every Pradesh Congress Committee unit shall bear the cost for the rail travel back home of every needy worker and migrant labourer and shall take necessary steps in this regard. This will be the Congress’ contribution to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with these hardworking people as part of a resolution to serve humanity," she said.

She added, “Even today, lakhs of labourers and workers from various parts of the country want to go home but they have neither the means nor the money to do so. It is a matter of regret that the government of India and the Railways Ministry are charging these hardworking people travel fare in this hour of crisis.”

“When our government can recognise its responsibility by arranging free air travel for our citizens stranded abroad, when the government can spend nearly Rs. 100 crore on transport and food etc. for just one public programme in Gujarat, when the Rail Ministry has the largesse to donate Rs. 151 crore to the PM’s Corona fund, then why can’t it give free facilities to these flag-bearers of progress in this hour of calamity?” she asked

Along with Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi has also raised similar questions. He said that on one hand, the Railways is charging money for tickets from labourers stuck in different states and on the other hand, the Railway Ministry is donating Rs 151 crore to the PM Cares Fund. Please resolve this conundrum, he added.

After this blistering attack by the Congress President, news agency ANI has posted a tweet citing sources in the Railway Ministry, in which it has been claimed that the Railways is recovering only 15% of the total fare from state governments.

The Railways is not selling tickets to migrant labourers. They are being made to board trains on the basis of lists of names received from state governments, it said.

Meanwhile, the BJP has said that there has been an 85% reduction in ticket prices. Only 15% of the total fare is being recovered and that too, from state governments and not from labourers, it said.

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