Centre Rejects Tableaus Of Opposition-Ruled States For Republic Day 2022

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Reoublic Day Floats Of Bengal, Kerala, TN, Delhi R
The tableaus of multiple states for the Republic Day parade on 26th January have been rejected by the Centre in a move that has caused controversy. Politicians, social media users and other civil society commentators have come out against the Centre’s move to reject the tableaus sent by various states to the Centre as a representation of their state during the parade.

The tableaus of the state are a visual representation of the personalities, events, culture, etc. uniquely associated with each state and showcased by it during the Republic Day parade.

It is submitted by states to the Centre which then evaluates it in five phases through an expert committee which comprises of eminent personalities in various disciplines of arts and creativity such as music, dance, sculpture, painting, choreography, and more.

Delhi’s tableau is likely to become to latest on the list of rejections, as reported by media outlets quoting “officials”, although no word has come in from the state government itself. The Chief Ministers of Kerala, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu have written to the Centre against the rejection of their state’s tableaus.

This will also be the first Republic Day celebration in 75 years. The reason given is to honour security personnel killed in Jammu and Kashmir, and the prevailing COVID-19 restrictions. Instead of the usual 10.00 AM, this year’s Republic Day parade will start at 10.30 AM.

The Centre has hit back at criticism over its rejection of various states’ tableaus and said that the decisions were taken after "due deliberation" by the expert committe. It also accused the chief ministers of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal of "spreading misinformation" about Republic Day tableaus every year.

Tamil Nadu and West Bengal CM's MK Stalin, Mamata Banerjee Write To PM

The Defense Ministry had asked the states to prepare their tableaux on the theme of ‘India at 75’ with various sub-themes including Ideas at 75, Achievements at 75, actions at 75 and Resolve at 75, according to the letter written by Tamil Nadu CM Stalin. He pointed out that Tamil Nadu had chosen the theme of ‘Tamil Nadu In The Freedom Struggle’ and featured VO Chindambaranar, Subramania Bharathi, Rani Velu Nachiyar, Marudhupandiyar brothers in its parade tableau.

Stalin wrote to PM Modi that the State’s representatives went to the expert committee thrice, and then, “I am given to understand that Tamil Nadu was not called for the fourth round of meeting and it was informed that the State has been left out while shortlisting” Stalin also wrote: “This is a matter of grave concern to the State of Tamil Nadu and its people and I request your urgent intervention to arrange to include the tableau of Tamil Nadu that will showcase the freedom fighters of Tamil Nadu in the Republic Day Parade 2022 in New Delhi.”

Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, also stated that she is “deeply shocked and hurt” by the Centre’s rejection of the state’s tableau. Her letter read that Bengal’s proposal had been rejected “without justification”.

The letter said: “The proposed tableau was commemorating the contributions of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose ad his INA on his 125th birth anniversary year and was carrying portraits of some of some of the most illustrious sons and daughters of this country”

The ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) said that the Centre’s move is “Absolutely unpardonable”. The same happened to the West Bengal government’s three proposals for tableaus last year, 'Save Green, Stay Clean', Kanyashree initiative and 'Jol Dhoro Jol Bhoro' (Water Conservation and Rejuvenation). In 2018, the Centre had also rejected its proposal on the theme “Unity in Harmony”.


Kerala Tableau Rejected, Ex Karnataka CM’s Slam Exclusion Of Narayan Guru

Kerala will also be excluded from this year’s Republic Day celebrations after its tableau featuring Narayan Guru, a revered social reformer from the Scheduled Caste community, was rejected by the Centre. Kerala’s proposed tableau had been rejected earlier in 2020 as well, which had prompted the state government to say that it was because the Centre “hates” the state.

Former Karnataka Chief Ministers Siddaramaiah and H.D. Kumaraswamy of the Congress party have criticized the move by the Centre. Sidaramaiah said: “The Centre should apologise for insulting Narayana Guru and allow the tableau to be depicted. The Centre’s decision shows pre-conceived notions about great reformers of the backward classes. What was the rationale behind the decision to reject the Kerala Government’s decision. Does Narayana Guru not belong to Hindu community? The BJP should state its thought clearly,”

D. Raja of the CPI (M) has alleged that the Centre wanted Adi Shankracharya instead of Narayan Guru, foregrounding the ideological divide between the ruling governments at the two levels. 

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