COVID Update: Under 20% Adults Fully Vaccinated In India

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Corona Vaccine India 18% Adult Double Dose
During a press conference to highlight the status of coronavirus mitigation and the measures taken by the government, Dr. V.K. Paul, member of NITI Aayog, said that 58% of the adult population (18+) received the first dose and 18% of them received the second dose of the COVID vaccine.

In August, the average vaccinations per day were 59.19 lakhs while the total administered were 18.35 crore. In this month (September 2021), the daily average vaccinations 78.10 lakhs and total 6/24 crore doses have been administered. Dr. Paul called vaccines as the best tool that India has in the fight against COVID since even the first dose has shown high effectiveness in preventing serious illnesses and deaths from the virus.

Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that The weekly positivity rate has “stabilized” at under 3% in the majority of the country and the overall positivity rate has declined over 4 months. There are still 35 districts with more than 10% positivity rate and 30 districts with positivity rate between 5-10%.

· 68% of India’s positive cases were from Kerala.

· Maharashtra has the second highest percentage of active cases behind Kerala at 13.06%.

· All states with more than 10,000 active cases are situated in the south.

· 54.68 crore first doses and 16.97 crore second doses have been administered nationwide as of today morning’s figures

· The average doses per day per month increased steadily except in the month of May, when it was 19.69 lakhs against 29.96 lakhs in April.

Mr. Bhushan reiterated that “we are still in the middle of the second surge” and that coronavirus prevention strategies at the policy and individual level should keep this fact in mind. Dr. Paul added that there were adequate vaccines available and therefore everyone should inoculate themselves. Mr. Balram Bhargava, DG, ICMR used data from April to August 2021 to state that:

· Effectiveness of Dose 1 in preventing mortality (death) is 96.6%

· Effectiveness of Dose 2 in preventing mortality is 97.5%

Dr. Paul urged caution once more, anticipating the festival season and saying that this is a “highly transmissible virus” and that festivals should be celebrated in a limited, private way. He also asked the public to remain on alert against post-rainfall diseases like dengue and malaria.

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