SC Orders Formation Of Special Panel On 4G Restoration In J&K

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The Supreme Court has constituted a special committee to examine the necessity of continuing restrictions on 4G internet speed in Jammu & Kashmir.

 The committee is to examine whether (3G & 4G) internet speeds can be offered in certain areas in J&K on a trial basis.  “Have to ensure that national security and human rights can be reasonably and defensibly balanced", the Apex court said. The panel will be headed by the Union Home Secretary.

 "Court is also cognizant of concerns relating to ongoing pandemic and hardships that may be faced by citizens", the court stated.

It cited its earlier order, saying any restrictions on internet needs to be placed before a state review committee. Since the issue is an important one national level officers need to be part of the review committee.

The SC appointed committee is to consist of senior central and state level officers. The Centre had opposed providing faster 3G or 4G internet speeds as it would aid terrorist activities. It had informed the court that there were 108 terrorist incidents between August 5, 2019 to April 25, 2020 in the UT of J&K.

Citing its own earlier judgement over internet restrictions in J&K, the Apex court said: “The degree of restriction and the scope of the same, both territorially and temporally, must stand in relation to what is actually necessary to combat an emergent situation.”

The court noted that “present orders indicate they have been passed for a limited time" and do not provide any reasons to reflect that all districts of the UT of J&K require imposition of such restrictions.

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