Police Gets Robbed Of ₹25 Lakh In Agra, Culprits Still On The Run

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UP Police In Agra Gets Robbed Of ₹25 Lakh
A case has emerged recently of a ₹25 lakh being stolen from a police station in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It is indeed most unfortunate that the police itself got robbed when it is their duty to provide protection to others. What’s worse is that the culprits have not been arrested

Even after two days of stealing from the police itself. The only ‘response’ thus far has been to suspend 6 policemen including the station chief, as told by a senior official.

Additional Director-General (ADG) of Agra Zone, Rajiv Krishna has said that ₹25 lakh was stolen from Jagdishpura police station. According to the ADG, the incident happened on Saturday night after thieves broke into the police station and made off with the money. However, the money has been recovered following an investigation and operation by the police, but the culprits still remain at large.  

The ADG informed that there was a criminal case wherein ₹24 lakh in cash and 4 kg gold was recovered, apart from other items and money that had been confiscated prior to this in other criminal matters, of which the thieves took off with ₹25 lakh. Krishna says that the gold and weaponry kept in the official godown are safe.

He further said that the station chief, a sub inspector, head clerk, and three constables have been suspended for negligence. He said that the investigation in the matter has been handed over to SSP Agra and it will be pursued on a “priority basis”.

SP City Vikas Kumar says that the theft was discovered after a head clerk went to check the godown after tea on Sunday morning and found the premises in a disorderly state. When the inventory was checked, it was found short of ₹25 lakh.

Kumar said that CCTV footage and other records are being scanned for evidence to nab the culprits. Police has said that cases has been filed against unknown persons  and a probe is ongoing. However, even after two days of the incident, there is no update on the Agra Police’s Twitter handle regarding progress or arrests in the case.

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