Heat Wave: Delhi Temperature Crosses 45 Degrees, No Respite In Coming Days

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Heat Wave: Delhi Temperature Crosses 45 Degrees, N
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, summer heat is increasing incessantly in India.

Heatwave conditions have prevailed in several states of the country, including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and in the capital Delhi, in recent days.

The maximum temperature in Delhi has been recorded above 45 degree Celsius, whereas in Rajasthan’s Churu and Sri Ganganagar, the mercury level is fast approaching the 47 degree Celsius mark. 

The summer heat is spiking the most in Rajasthan, where in the last 24 hours, the mercury level has breached the 45 degree Celsius mark in five cities. 

Among them, the highest maximum temperature - at 46.6 degree Celsius - was recorded in Churu and Sri Ganganagar, and it was 46 degrees in Pilani, 45.6 degrees in Bikaner and 45.5 degrees in Kota.

Similarly, the mercury level remained above 45.5 degree Celsius in two cities of Madhya Pradesh - Khajuraho and Naugaon, and in Maharashtra’s Nagpur and Chandrapur.

The temperature has breached the 46 degree Celsius mark in Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi.

According to the India Meteorological Department, there will be no respite from the summer heat for atleast five days.

The maximum temperature will remain around 45 degree Celsius in several cities of north India, including Delhi. 

Heatwave conditions could prevail in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in the next 24 hours and the maximum temperature is expected to reach 48-49 degree Celsius in several places in the next few days.

However, there is a likelihood of some relief from the scorching heat Thursday onward.

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