Indians Flying To UAE Must Have Pre-flight Registration In A Bid To Reduce Airport Congestion

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Indians Flying To UAE To Get Pre-flight Registrati
Air India has issued an advisory to travel agents, making it mandatory for passengers coming from UAE to India to have pre-flight registration. Similarly, the Indians flying to the UAE have been asked to complete the pre-departure registrations before reaching the airport.

This has been done to reduce congestion at the airport.

According to the advisory, ‘all passengers coming to India from UAE are required to register their details under the Air Suvidha Initiative, which is available on the website of New Delhi Airport. According to the Health Ministry guidelines, all travellers to India have to submit a self-declaration form on the online portal at least 72 hours before the scheduled travel or physically upon arrival at the respective health counters.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation says that travellers coming to India have to fill an undertaking form before traveling, though the airlines concerned, so that upon reaching India, they would undergo institutional or home quarantine or self-monitoring of their health for 14 days.

Air India has made it clear in its advisory that congestion at the airport violates the rules of social distancing. In such a situation, passengers should complete all the paperwork before their journey so that social distancing can be ensured at the airport.

Air India has once again appealed to tourists and passengers travelling to Dubai to have a valid return ticket. “Indian nationals who are intending to travel to Dubai on visit visa or tourist visa or desire to obtain a visa on arrival are permitted to travel only if they are in possession of a valid return ticket. The passengers must be holding valid return tickets and not necessarily a single/conjunction ticket,” the advisory stated.

The Airport Authorities are strictly enforcing such rules after hundreds of tourists and visitors from countries like India and Pakistan were denied entry to Dubai for not following the travel rules. Many such passengers reached Dubai after the authorities sent them back to their home countries, following which strict rules have been imposed regarding this, and travel without a valid ticket would not be allowed.

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