Kashmir: Local Students Being Trained To Be 'Bird Guides'

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Kashmir: Local Students Being Trained To Be 'Bird
Eighteen students are being trained in bird-watching in Kashmir’s Dachigam National Park these days so that they can get employment as bird guides and also promote tourism.

Students eager to learn more about tiny birds and to see them from close quarters say that they are finding out a lot about avian beings.

There are several birds of rare species in the Dachigam National Park, which are not found anywhere else. People here do not have much information about these birds and their importance for the environment.

Each year, thousands of tourists arrive here to get a glimpse of these birds. The aim of the trainers is to understand the birds properly and tell people about them so that they can be kept safe and the tourists arriving at the Park also find out their special characteristics.

The bird-watching trainer says that 18 Kashmiri students from different study backgrounds have been chosen for this programme. The aim of the training is to turn these students into guides for bird tourism so that they can promote tourism and this also creates employment opportunities.

In the coming days, this initiative will promote both bird conservation and tourism in Kashmir.

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