Oil On The Boil: Fuel Prices Hiked For Sixth Day Running

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Oil On The Boil: Fuel Prices Hiked For Sixth Day R
Petrol-diesel prices continue to rise for the sixth day running. After the new prices, petrol in Delhi will cost Rs 74.57 per litre while diesel up by 59 paise to cost Rs 72.81 per litre.

Over the last six days, the price of petrol has increased by Rs 3.31 while a litre of diesel has become dearer by Rs 3.42.

The prices started to hike from June 6 when petrol in Delhi was at Rs 71.26/litre and diesel at Rs 69.39/litre.

Apart from Delhi, the cost of petrol in Kolkata is Rs 76.48 per litre and diesel is at Rs 68.70 per litre. One litre of petrol in Chennai is being sold at Rs 78.47 and diesel at Rs 71.14. Similarly, petrol in Mumbai is being sold at Rs 81.53 per litre and diesel at Rs 71.48 per litre.

Fuel prices across several states of the country are going north once again as States increase sales tax or value-added tax (VAT) on petroleum products.

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