People Stock Up On Essentials As Lockdown Fear Takes Hold

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People Stock Up On Essentials As Lockdown Fear Tak
With the rise in coronavirus cases in the country, the atmosphere of fear among the common people is also growing.

People are apprehensive about the situation in India becoming like Italy or China’s Wuhan, and so, they have started accumulating stocks of foodgrain and daily needs essentials in their homes.

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Cases of the deadly coronavirus are constantly increasing in India as well, in the wake of which there is terror among people. They are scared about the situation in the country mirroring that in other countries.

Panicked citizens have started stocking up on items of daily usage in their homes, due to which shops in several parts of the country have increased the prices of foodgrain.

Despite the assurance by the Prime Minister, people are apprehensive that if they go to the market time and again, they might contract the coronavirus and therefore, as a precaution, they are accumulating stocks of daily needs essentials to last for one to two months in their homes.

Long queues of people can be seen outside medical stores and grocery shops.

In the wake of the growing hazard from the coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared that March 22 will be observed as a day for ‘Janta Curfew’, during which he has appealed to people not to step out of their homes between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. 

People have become more scared after this.

Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has posted a tweet and said, “In foodgrain given through PDS till April 1, 2020, there is a requirement of 135.8 lakh tonne rice and 74.6 lakh tonne wheat. A total of 210.4 lakh tonne foodgrain is needed. Whereas we have a total stock of 646.09 lakh tonne at present. This means that we have additional stock of 435.69 lakh tonne.”

He also wrote that according to the circular issued by the Centre, state governments can take PDS foodgrain lasting for six months at one go. Presently, the Punjab government is taking foodgrain quota for six months and the Odisha government is taking stocks for two months at one time. Other governments can also take foodgrain if they want.

He also wrote that neither do we have any shortage of foodgrain nor is there any panic regarding it.

Apart from this, sales are taking place in the open market through the OMSS as well, under which rice is priced at Rs 22.50 per kilo.

Paswan said that there is better awareness among people in India about the coronavirus, and therefore, compared to other nations, there is less likelihood of it acquiring a calamitous form in the country.

He also said that there is no need for people to panic because of the coronavirus and we should take all precautionary steps for our safety.

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