PM Modi Makes U-Turn On Defeating Corona In 21 Days, Says 'Don't Know When Will The Crisis Be Over'

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PM Modi Makes U-Turn On Defeating Corona In 21 Day
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched the Atma Nirbhar Uttar Pradesh Rojgar Abhigyan — part of a 125-day campaign to provide employment to migrant workers and those who lost livelihoods following the COVID-19-induced lockdown.

Speaking via video conference in the presence of UP CM Yogi Adityanath, PM Modi also said that there is no idea when the current Corona crisis will be over.

The PM said, "There will hardly be any person in the world who has not had troubles. We have all seen many ups and downs in our lives. But no one thought that the same kind of crisis will come upon the human race simultaneously. A crisis in which people are not able to fully help each other out.”

He added, “During this time, everyone is facing hardships and even further, we do not know when we will get rid of this disease.”

When PM Modi first announced the lockdown at 8 pm on March 24, he claimed that the virus will be defeated within 21 days. “Remember friends, the Mahabharata war was won in 18 days but the battle which the entire country is fighting against Coronavirus will take 21 days. Our aim is to win this war in 21 days.”

However, this is not what happened in reality. After the first 21-day lockdown ended, the lockdown had to be extended three times and continued till May 21.

Following this, an easing of relaxations was introduced in a phased manner but the Coronavirus infections went on increasing instead of decreasing.

The situation is such that on June 26, over 17,000 patients were reported across the country and the total infections have crossed 490,000.

Amid this, the PM Modi has clearly said that it is difficult to tell when the virus crisis will be over.

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