Rising COVID-19 Deaths Putting Pressure On Delhi Crematoriums

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Rising COVID-19 Deaths Putting Pressure On Delhi C

Due to the rising deaths caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the situation in the crematorium ghats of Delhi is worsening. The situation is that there is a pile of corpses at the cremation ghats and dozens of people are being cremated together. As the challenge progresses, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has reserved the cremation ground of Punjabi Bagh only for COVID-19 deaths.

The Punjabi Bagh crematorium is now getting excess dead bodies every day. Even after waiting for hours, people are not able to cremate their loved ones. The cremation videos released here are going viral. According to MCD South, 73 corpses had reached the Punjabi Bagh crematorium ghat by 3 pm on Thursday, while the ghat has the capacity of cremation of 65 bodies.

There is a growing uproar over the number of deaths due to the coronavirus in Delhi. The Delhi government claims that 1,085 deaths have taken place in the capital so far, but the MCD is claiming more than two thousand deaths. Congress leader Ajay Maken also claimed that a total of 2098 people were cremated in Delhi under the COVID protocol, but the government is showing only 984 deaths. 

After death from COVID-19, there have been many instances of not going near the corpses. The corpses have been found lying in the corridors of the hospital. Taking suo motu cognisance of the matter, the Supreme Court has said that the situation is terrible. Hospitals are so careless about the dead bodies that even the families are not being informed.

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