Telangana Road Transport Workers' Protest Enters Its 12th Day

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Telangana Road Transport Workers' Protest Enters I
The strike by Telangana Road Transport Corporation (TRTC) workers has entered its 12th straight day on Wednesday. The confrontation between the government and protestors is worsening with each passing day. TRTC employees have not returned to work despite an ultimatum by the Telangana government. 

Protests by TRTC employees are constantly increasing because there has been no assurance from the government. About 48,000 suspended employees of TRTC have been on strike since October 5. Protestors say that the government should hear their demands but the Telangana government has adopted a tough stance and is not ready to listen to anything. Protestors say that the government is not ready to talk about anything in this case. 

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The Telangana High Court has said that both parties should sit down to talk about this matter.

Upset with the demonstration, the state government has suspended 48,000 employees of the Corporation.

TRTC workers protesting in Telangana have 26 demands. They want inclusion of the Transport Corporation into the government, which will ensure that all 48,000 employees can get facilities given in government jobs. But the state government has not yet agreed to implement this.

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