Amid Coronavirus FinTech4Good Says: "Survive Now, Then You Will Have A Future"

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The coronavirus pandemic ravaging around the world might come with an opportunity for some industries, among many challenges.

Within financial services, digital banks and FinTech start-ups in China have to face their first real test — coronavirus, which could provide a next push for the industry.

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FinTech4Good President Xiaochen Zhang, an executive in impact investing, digital finance and a fintech influencer, says the focus should be on the need to “survive now, then you will have a future”. 

In an exclusive interview with Hey China, he speaks at length about how FinTech can mobilize resources and help eliminate poverty in China by the end of 2020, among other key points including:

  • How fintech can “do good”
  • The use of blockchain to monitor and measure the progress and impact of the SDGs and implementation of the 2030 Agenda 
  • Why fintech can help eradicate poverty in China and improve financial inclusion
Watch Full Interview Here


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