Coronavirus Poses Grave Threat To Heart Patients

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Coronavirus Poses Grave Threat To Heart Patients
A recent study on heart problems among coronavirus patients in Wuhan, China, published in JAMA Cardiology, has found that the novel coronavirus can damage the heart muscle without blocking the arteries, leading to what is normally called a heart attack.

Dr OP Yadav, CEO, National Heart Institute, New Delhi, while raising the possibility of direct heart damage by the virus, underlines that the COVID-19 can infect the heart muscle influencing a heart failure and even death.

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It has also been found that those with heart arteries blockage or heart patients are prone to elevated cholesterol plagues formation due to coronavirus, leading to cardiac failure, he said.

He added that heart failure patients may see growing risk with symptoms like breathlessness, fatigue and swelling in the legs.

Their heart’s rhythm can also become abnormal with high levels of blood coagulation which can interfere with the body’s clot-busting system, Dr Yadav said. Blood clots in coronary arteries can block blood flow and cause heart attacks.

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