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In APP Based Governance, Indian Women Fall Out of The Map: GSMA Report 2020 

As the Government of India forces an online mode of governance and delivery of essential social benefits to more than 1.3 billion citizens, millions of Indian women living in rural areas are experiencing its social and financial collateral damage. According to the latest data collected by Global Telecom agency GSM Association, India suffers from a massive gender gap when it comes to mobile telephony and internet connectivity. 

Phone Ownership In India

The GSMA report 2020 highlights that Indian women are even worse off than their Asian counterparts. In a nutshell:

  • Indian women face a 20% gender gap in mobile phone ownership
  • They use the internet 50% less than the male population
  • Their usage of phones is 44% less than the males
  • Nearly 80% of women are unable to use mobile internet 
  • Only 14% of women own smartphones as 31% had basic phones
  • 42% of women in India say they find mobile handset and tariffs unaffordable
  • Another 16% say that illiteracy is a barrier in mobile phone adoption
India had the largest share of unconnected 209 million women in the South Asia region. All these women were unable to access thousands of apps the government has launched especially during the Covid19 Pandemic period. For example, 76% of women can not access CoWin app which is essential for vaccination. Before that, the Aarogya Setu app was launched to monitor Covid patients which are only available on smartphones which the majority of the women do not possess. Other such app-based governance tools, mainly for women's safety and security are out of reach for women owing to the mobile connectivity gender gap. 

Mobile Internet Awareness In India

All these issues were discussed at a recent discussion at a Development Alternatives webinar which can be accessed here (:- 

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